Stripping, waxing and wood floors

Stripping is the most restorative cleaning procedure and is performed when the floor no longer responds to routine and/or periodic cleaning procedures. The type, age, condition and specific needs of the floor will dictate the equipment, supplies and procedures used. Floor finishes, not wax are applied to the floor for the same reason we clean them. For appearance, health, safety, and longevity.

Wood floors, from natural hardwoods to engineered woods (laminate), are found in homes and businesses everywhere. From kitchens and living rooms to office entryways, gymnasiums, and basketball courts, wood floors represent a significant investment that must be protected. Even the most durable wood floor needs special care to rejuvenate its appearance from time to time. Scuffs and scratches caused by foot traffic, rolling office chairs, bleachers, or simply everyday life take their toll on the wood floor. To maintain the beauty and appearance of wood floors, regular preventative maintenance with proper chemicals and equipment is essential.


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