Cleaning your rugs and carpet can mean more than just using the vacuum cleaner twice a week. It’s very important that you understand the difference in how each is made and with what materials in order to best clean each piece. The good news is that we at Extreme Clean do understand these differences, and we utilize our training and experience to expertly clean each piece. We also like to educate our customers about these differences.


Difference Between Area Rugs and Wall-to-Wall Carpet

  • Fibers are very different from those found in residential and commercial broadloom carpet. There is far more natural fiber used in rugs than in broadloom carpet.
  • Backings are very different: natural foundation yarns are more prominent in rugs, as opposed to separate synthetic backing fabrics for tufted carpet.
  • Construction is different: woven constructions are most prevalent in area rugs, as opposed to tufting dominating the broadloom market.
  • Cleaning technology is different due to the potential for dye migration and fiber distortion.

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