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Wood Floor Cleaning

wood floor cleaning
From natural hardwoods to engineered woods (laminate), are found in homes and businesses everywhere. From kitchens and living rooms to office entryways, gymnasiums, and basketball courts, wood floors represent a significant investment that must be protected. Even the most durable wood floor needs special care to rejuvenate its appearance from time to time. Scuffs and scratches caused by foot traffic, rolling office chairs, bleachers, or simply everyday life take their toll on the wood floor. To maintain the beauty and appearance of wood floors, regular preventative maintenance with proper chemicals and equipment is essential.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning
Special care must be taken with all area rugs, especially oriental rugs. Extreme Clean is trained and ready to handle your most valuable pieces! The preferred system for cleaning area rugs is to remove them from the home or business and clean them in a controlled “in-plant” environment, where a variety of cleaning methods, or combinations thereof, may be used. Failure to perform specialized procedures may result in permanent damage to the rug and the flooring materials under and around the rug. Incomplete soil removal may occur due to an inability to dust or adequately vacuum both sides of the rug. Improper wet cleaning on-location could cause prolonged drying, texture change, cellulosic browning, dye migration, mold growth and/or dry rot.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Indoor air quality directly affects our health, comfort, productivity and quality of life. Airborne particle allergens such as dust, pollen and smoke can trigger or worsen asthma, allergies or other respiratory condition. Extreme Clean will have your air ducts good as new in no time!  

  • Remove registers
  • Clean supply ducts
  • Clean return
  • Clean air handler
  • Fog the system
  • Replace the registers

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile Cleaning
Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are relatively easily to maintain, especially the face of the tile, it is the grout that is the most difficult to clean. The tile can be restoratively cleaned through a variety of scrubbing procedures. However, high pressuring washing systems reportedly clean better than conventional methods. All grout should be sealed. The face of the tile is virtually water proof and will accept very little to no sealer at all; it is the grout that really needs it. We will make your tile and grout spotless!

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