Carpet & Upholstery

Carpet & Upholstery

Extreme Clean’s Carpet Cleaning &
Upholstery Cleaning Process

Contains 5 main steps to ensure thoroughness.

  • Pre Inspection & Pre Vacuuming – Identify special attention areas and remove dry soil, lint and hair
  • Pre Conditioning – Help to remove stubborn stains and brighten high traffic areas
  • Pile Brushing – Agitate and work in pre-spray in high traffic areas
  • Hot Water Extraction – Known as steam cleaning, done with a professional truck mounted extraction system
  • Spot & Stain Removal – Trained technicians are equipped with additional chemicals and tools for removing stubborn spots and stains

Take advantage of our ScotchGard Protector Service!

ScotchGard Protector, combined with proper care and cleaning, will make a big difference in retaining your carpet and upholstery’s beauty over many years of regular use. Just how long your carpet and upholstery will look good depends on a number of factors, including household traffic patterns, exposure to soiling and stains and, of course, proper cleaning and maintenance (vacuuming and spot removal). The most important thing to remember is that even with ScotchGard Protector, carpet and upholstery require good housekeeping practices.

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