Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

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Indoor Air Quality Effects Your Quality of Life

Just imagine, only part of the dirt, allergens, pet hair, etc. make it to your furnace filter.  The rest settle in your air duct system, build up, and eventually get blow back into your home.  Debris can even reduce the effectiveness of your heating and air conditioning system, driving your power bills up.

Here’s how we clean your duct system:

  • Remove Register Covers – this gives us access to your air duct system
  • Clean Supply Ducts – These are the ducts in your home that brings air from the inside of your home to your air handler to be either warmed or cooled depending on the system.
  • Clean Returns – Returns are the ducts that carry the warm/cool air to the registered to be pumped into your home
  • Clean Air Handler – The air handler is the system, usually in a basement or closet, that actually does the job of cooling or heating your air.  A dirty air handler won’t function efficiently.
  • Fog the System – This optional step can kill any bacteria, mold or fungus, and is only recommended if we identify a problem.
  • Replace the Register Covers – Your covers will be clean, with no dirt or dust stuck between the grills.

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