How often should I have my carpet cleaned?

Every 6 to 18 months depending on usage, soiling, and pet issues.

How long will it take my carpet to dry after cleaning?

6 to 8 hours depending on level of soiling, humidity, and air flow.

What method of cleaning do you use?

Hot water extraction (steam) is the recommended method.

Should I vacuum before having my carpets cleaned?

Yes. Vacuuming removes 80% of dry soils. If you don’t have time or forget, no problem, we can vacuum before cleaning.

Will your technicians move our furniture?

Yes. We can move most furniture. We DO NOT move China Cabinets, Entertainment Centers, or beds.

Can I walk on the carpet when it’s damp?

Yes though it’s best to wait until it’s completely dry to avoid soils being tracked onto the cleaned surface. Damp surfaces are also slip and fall hazards.

What should I do about spots reappearing after being cleaned?

Call us immediately. Chances are wicking has occurred which can be repaired.

Why should I purchase carpet protector when the manufacturer applied it to my new carpet?

Carpet protector is removed over time with everyday traffic. By getting your carpets protected you will allow time for spills to be cleaned up before penetrating into your backing and carpet pad.

What will help get rid of pet odor?

Odor removal is dependent on finding the source. Cleaning alone does not eliminate specific odors such as pet urine. Special treatment is required. We use the latest technology to locate and eradicate odors in your carpet and upholstery. In severe cases, removal and replacement of the contaminated area is the only viable solution.

What is the difference between stains and spots?

Successful stain removal is dependent on the type and age of the stain, the type and color of the carpet, and what has already been done to try and remove it prior to calling us. In the majority of cases, if total removal is not possible, significant reduction is achieved.

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